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Singafrog Finance meetup #5 announced!

Three speakers: Suppliers' invoices financing, HDB purchase as a PR, Dashboard of portfolio management v1

Singafrog Finances is not dead and invites you on December 12th!!

After a busy year on my end (company growth, wedding, moving houses, watching bitcoin go down, down, down....), I'm very happy to announce you our 5th meetup to discuss alternative investments (register here!) to discover new ways of saving and growing our money! I also wanted to take the time to polish my DIY dashboard, so now it's on its track.

We will have three speakers/demo during this meetup:

  • Dimitri Kouchnirenko from Incomlend. A former banker, he understood that the vast market of SMEs was under-served, in particular, SMEs often have invoices that are worth something, but payment terms is a big pain point. Incomlend acts as a marketplaces for SMEs to publish their invoices, and funders to, well, purchase the invoices and wait for the re-payment with some interest.
  • Louis-Bernard Carcouet from I-just-bought-my-dream-home-in-Singapore as he recently purchased a resale HDB and moved into it. Many of us know Louis as he is the blogger behind, one of the top analysis blog for anything pertaining to France, Singapore, and French in Singapore. Buying a home here usually comes in mind especially for long-term residents such as Permanent Residents. Louis will share his opinion on the real-estate market of Singapore and tips to assess which is the right home to buy. 
  • Since I have nothing to share on cryptocurrencies this time *hem* I'll be happily sharing a very new version of my personal investment portfolio. If you remember well, I usually share a crappy Spreadsheet but lucky me, one of my good friends here is Florian Cornu, the best Data and Spreadsheet Magician in the world, and he helped me put into nice boxes my wildest portfolio dashboard dreams. I'd like to show it to you, to make you use it and give us feedback on how to make it better! 

Also, I have already a speaker and a venue for the next next Singafrog Finances meetup, and by that time I think we can do a different format for the meetup, with less speeches and more sharing together our portfolios based on this new dashboard (you'll be able to hide your figures, while showing us the breakdown in % and growth/decrease of the different assets).

What else, well, super looking forward to reconnect to you all. We will be in the usual coworking space on 128 Prinsep Street, ground level (it's not "The Hub" anymore, it's "Found", so that you have no more excuse not to "find" it anymore. haha. *hem*). I'll cater some healthy food and drinks.

See you soon!!

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